I express my humble gratitude to the following people. Together, our creative expression flows powerfully and freely:

Larry Vila Pouca

Your dedication to honouring my ideas, your skills as a photographer and the entire creative process has resulted in such gorgeous photographs of which we can both be very proud. Thank you so much for your talent, your patience and your creative input.

Larry can be found through his Instagram account here.



Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful property and offering me a sanctuary in which to regularly write.



This website, all branding and marketing materials are designed by Phunkemedia, because I wanted things done a little differently ;)

Phunkemedia can be found through their website


My mentor

Without your generous sharing of advice and time, I'd still be spinning in circles.
Thank you for helping me evolve xx


My producer and team of musical masters

I knew from the moment I first met each of you that I had found my people. As cheesy as that sounds, it didn't have to turn out that way and I'm humblly grateful to the forces at play, to have crossed our paths.
Jonathan Zion - Producer, Double Bass, Bass Guitar, bit of piano, backup vocals and beautiful smiles that say a thousand things.
Daniel Farrugia - Drums, Percussion and gentle sensitive artistic soul with an eye for beauty and composition.
Claude Carranza - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, music powerhouse with the cheekiest love of all things beautiful.
Hadyn Buxton - Sound Engineer, Mixer and all 'round funny-fella-you-can-play-with.
Lachlan Carrick - Mastering. We've not spent time together yet but I know I can trust you with my sound ;).