Time to seek guidance

Over the Halloween period a few months ago I experienced a particularly emotional song writing trip away that drew out some super-charged, life-changing surprises.

I was blessed with perfect weather as well as penned a couple of my new favourite songs - one of which I’ve just had produced and recorded. On my last day away I packed my gear up with a heavy heart - torn between my everyday life and my music writing head-space. Usually I come home super charged with love and light but this time was different.

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Face the Music & find your place

Face the Music summit 2017 - find your place

A couple of months ago I submitted an application seeking a rural scholarship to attend the Face the Music Summit in Melbourne. And as luck should have it - I won it! With only two weeks to make it all happen, it was a mad scramble to get shit sorted in time. As a mother of two young ones, and during 4th school term, it’s not possible to just duck-away for a couple days during the week.

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The vocal booth of broken doors

When I first started recording my own songs a few years ago, my ‘studio set-up’ was so far from ‘studio’ that I managed to shock many-a-folk with the quality of my recordings at the time. Including myself. But I had a secret weapon… The vocal booth of broken doors…!

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Throwing my hat into the ring

First day of Autumn (my favourite season) and I’ve just come out of a pretty full-on short season of recording and then writing submissions for the next phase of this magical journey.

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Lyrically speaking…

Fyerfly writing in her song book

Writing a song can be a deeply personal experience. To use a current analogy, it’s like zooming in on a photo you’ve taken on your smart phone. Of amplifying the subject, of analysing the colours, the flavours, the textures and the emotions.

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