Awards, competitions and potential gigs!

I didn't get into song-writing with a need to stand out but the more I've been doing it, the more I want to actually share it! And as happens, a season of opportunities usually appear when one is ready to pursue them!

I've recently submitted my first application for a development award. Winning this kind of an award would be another life-changing event, allowing me the permission to really focus on my music without question. The applications are being received as I write this blog and I can't clearly express the hope that comes with waiting for the results.

Around the same time, an opportunity arose to express my interest in performing my music at the new Grampians Music Festival for the 2018 gig. These two opportunities have really fuelled my fire to get everything finished/started so that I can focus on the music and delivering it to a greater audience.

And next is a Triple J Unearthed comp that's prompted me to get my stuff on their website to share it with other musos and fans of music. All this 'outside' focus has introduced me to other talented musicians that all have a story to share.

Isn't it truly magnificent how many talented poets and musicians there are that have the skills and the talent to transform our moods and feed our imaginations?