Put your hand up

Let's do it!!
Fyerfly has put up her hand up to have her first music fest appearance at the Grampians Music Fest 2018, and it couldn't be more poetic if you tried. The majority of songs created by Fyerfly were actually written in Halls Gap, the very town that host's the festival.

There's nothing quite like a challenge to get the blood pumping and the engines fired up, and even though I previously had no band to perform my stuff publicly, that is changing as a few select talent, team up to help present the magic that is Fyerfly... and I for one am super excited!! All I need now is confirmation that we're invited to play!!

Grampians Music Fest 2018 dates - Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th February


Update: Well both of those exciting opportunities have come and gone. I admit it's hard for an artist of any kind to accept rejection, being the sensitive souls that we are... BUT! that's life and only one tiny part of it. So if the pieces fit, I'll try again next time around. Lots of music to be made in the meantime...