A new creative space

A lot of my song ideas are born on my 'music camp' trips. Anzac Day long weekend 2017 (if you made it one) was spent falling in love with my newly found creative space in Ballarat.

Gorgeous light to inspire me

My usual digs in the quiet town of Halls Gap was all booked up so on a spur-of-the-moment decision I found this little cottage, tucked away near a reserve and was blessed with native bird life, stunning natural light, misty mornings and colourful sunrises. Not to mention the peace and quite that settles my mind and helps me to really listen. I've taken heaps of photos, written a couple more songs, found some new melodies to play with and finished a music awards application. I've appreciated every moment spent in this space and hope to attribute some new songs to the occasion a little down the track.