I said yes in Paree

I said yes in Paree
The the city of love
On a cold and memorable day

He got down on one knee
And he said to me
Mademoiselle will you marry me?

Of course I said yes
Though in French if was wee
And I cried when he gave my my ring

After 5 years of waiting
There was no hesitating
And I was one very happy girl

Well we looked at the view
Took a photo or two
Santé with the cheapest champagne

Was less than an hour
On the Eiffel tower
Came down as newly betrothed

Enjoyed a night cruise
With plenty of booze
Fell in love with the city of lights

It was a big deal
With Love Boat appeal
Entertained by a vocal delight

Came back to Australia
3 full months later
Celebrated with the family and friends
Big bush party
And camping for free
Wee I said yes in Paree

© Fyerfly March 2015