Fyerfly will warm you with her sultry dark ‘torchy’ sound and hauntingly venerable performances.

Think of the feminine seduction of Tori Amos, blanketed with the husky warmth of Norah Jones and the dark edge of a David Lynch film... and you’ll get a sense of Fyerfly’s style.

'Berceuse' in nature, Fyerfly's voice soothes her audience, embracing them as they journey together through an intimate darkness and into the light. She is currently collaborating with Melbourne producer and musician Jonathan Zion, with plans to release her debut album early next year.

Where it all began...

Trained in piano, vocals, guitar and percussion, regional Victorian singer-songwriter Fyerfly was born with music in her blood. Her grandmother devoted 60 years to teaching piano, was highly regarded, award winning and a classical music advocate. Her dad played guitar and sang in several bands and her mother had a beautiful voice that was rarely heard.

This early range of musical influence offered an appreciation from T. Rex, Stevie WonderLed Zeppelin, David Bowie, Santana, Queen, Billy Joel, Dire Straits, Mandingo, Kate Bush and Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) many live pub performances and home parties playing 80's pop, right through to classical piano and orchestral pieces and composers like Mendelssohn, Handel and Tchaikovsky.

An adolescent music nerd, Fyerfly self-scheduled a timetable of lessons; piano, ensemble, theory, solo vocals, percussion, school band, choir, drama and school musicals- rotating stage performances with the accompanying band… Which might seem a lot but it was a world she loved immersing herself in. With a poet's heart and sensitive soul beyond her years, she began writing from a young age, collecting her words and deeply felt emotions throughout her full and varied life. A true bleeding heart and songwriter in the making.

Fyerfly bears her heart, soul and imagination in the music she creates.